Céline necklace

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  • Céline necklace from Antika, has a medium size, carved sterling silver pendant on an oval-linked sterling silver chain.  The pendant is 24mm wide and the necklace is 45cm overall.
  • Céline necklace from ANTIKA,  features a carved sterling silver pendant with an oval-linked sterling silver chain. The front pattern is raised and builds to an apex. Necklace is 45cm long.
  • Céline necklace
  • Céline necklace

Carved sterling silver pendant on an oval-linked sterling silver chain.  The intricate detailing in the pendant includes a central raised section that builds to an apex. The back of the pendant is flat also with a carved floral motif.  The pendant has an open sculptural quality.



The pendant is 24mm wide and the chain is 45cm long. 

Weight approximately 11 grams.



Oxidised to enhance the pattern, and has a high polish and anti-tarnish finish.


Necklace by Gabrielle Bruni

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